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Welcome to LJ Hooker St Helens

LJ Hooker St Helens is the second longest serving real estate office in St Helens. We're proud to have served the Portland / Fingal municipalities and then the Break O'Day municipality continuously since 1995. From these humble beginnings Principal Nereda Ball leads all the Hookers in the office.


LJ Hooker St Helens really is a family business. Nereda oversees the whole operation and loves her role as the Senior Salesperson and her husband Gary is in charge of the Property Management department. Under the careful management of Nereda and Gary we have seen LJ Hooker St Helens move in a completely new and exciting direction with a greater online presence with skilful and relevant marketing options for both sales and rentals.


We pride ourselves on the customer experience. It's all about you. We have the following quote from LJ Hooker himself on the wall, “Real Estate is not about properties, it's about people”. This is our mantra and we firmly believe it.



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